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Now, you can join the future Race Harmony and Forever Peaceful Immigrant Nation by using 3 minutes to fill up this form.

For a Passport with 16 pages, the application fee is Japanese Yen 1000 (With transportation cost)

For a ID Card, the application fee is Japanese Yen 800 (With transportation cost)


1. If you are born or living in China, it is prohibited for using the name "People's Republic of China", because it is an illegal regime.

2. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Eastern Turkeistan, South Mongol are not a part of China. So, the calling of"Taiwan, China", "Hong Kong, China"etc.are stictly prohibited.

3. Manchuria is not a part of China, so DON'T call politically incorrect name, such as "Shengyang"and "Chanqun".

4. Once the passport application is success, we will ask you to provide the document photo. You can provide it by E-mail or by post to our Head Quarter:: Post Office No.1, Yuen Long Post Office, Yuen Long, New Territories, HONG KONG.



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