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Today`s Manchukuo
JULY 10, AD2018 Recently, West Japan is suffering from heavy rain. Besides, Chiba province also suffered from earthquake. We send our condolences towards Japanese people. We hope that the disaster area will recover as soon as possible.

JUNE 4, AD2018 Today is June 4th Tiananmen Massacre of Peking, China. In the Massacre, over 30,000 Chinese were killed by the Chinese Communist Party Government. We express our condolence here. (The photo is taken right after the Massacre, the whole Tiananmen Square was full of blood and dead bodies.)

MAY 15, AD2018 We have appointed Mr. Yelu Jonathan as the Ambassador of Manchukuo in Thailand. We also granted the right to Mr. Yelu Jonathan to establish Embassy of Manchukuo in Thailand. The Embassy will deal with Manchukuo-Thailand Diplomatic Relationship and Consultant affairs. The contact of the Embassy is :

Official Website:: 




MAY 3, AD2018 We have sent a letter of credence to the President Donald J. Trump of United States of America to inform him that we have appoint Mr. Stan Vaughan as the Ambassador of Manchukuo in USA. We are also preparing to set up the Embassy of Manchukuo in USA and seek for establish Diplomatic Relationship between the two countries soon.

MAY 1, AD2018 As to preparing the establishment of Manchukuo`s National Army, His Majesty Emperor Dokuritsu Aisingyoro have appointed Manchuria Independence Supporter Mr. Cheung Kin Kwok as the Chief Officer and General of National Army Department.

APR 28, AD2018 【Statement about the South and North Korea meeting】

About the South and North Korea's leader meeting, we are welcome and hope that both South and North Korea should carry out peaceful and friendly attitude towards the neighborhood countries, especially we, the Manchukuo, Japan and USA.






Manchuria is located north-east from China, adjacent to Korea(Japan before 1945) and Russia(USSR). We are not the part of China in any time in the history. But we are occupied by China after Republic of China established in 1912. In 1932, Manchukuo gain independent from the Republic of China. The last Qing emperor , Emperor Henry Puyi Aisingyoro became the Manchukuo’s emperor.


After Japan-Manchukuo-Chinese Nanking National Government’s defeat in the Great East Asian War in 1945, Manchuria was occupied by Republic of China and Communist China again until nowaday. It is obviously ridiculous since the defeated Japan can gain her sovenignty again in 1952. We are occupied by the totalitarian China until now. Why we have to suffer that? So, we established the Manchukuo Temporary Government in 2004 to fight for independence again.


We are a republic at the time while our government established in the early days. In 2005, we changed to monarchy. The successor of the Aisingyoro family succeed the throne. From 2015, Dokuritsu Aisingyoro succeed the throne and appointed Mr. Cheung Siu Bong as the President of the government until now.


We have diplomatic relationship with the Kingdom of Ourania. We also have ambassador in Japan, Kingdom of Ourania, Hong Kong and representative in USA, Formosa and Brazil. We also fighting for joining the international organization, especially the United Nation.

The following is our information:


National Name









Time zone




National Flag


National Sign

National Anthem



Traditional Chinese, Japanese



His Majesty Emperor Dokuritsu Aisingyoro


Mr. Cheung Siu Bong

News Officer

Mr. Yukito Tojo


Chief of Staff, Chief Commander and General of Manchukuo National Army

General Mr.Cheung Kin Kwok

Head Quarter


Yuen Long, New Territories, HONG KONG、Telephone is Hong Kong (852)62336724. E- Mail:

Embassy in Kingdom of Ourania

Mr. Stan Vaughan: 

Embassy of Manchukuo in Thailand The contact of the Embassy is :

Official Website:: 



Mr. Yelu Jonathan, the Ambassador of Manchukuo in Thailand.


Formosa Branch Mr. Tatala Kou

The picture of Formosa`s Branch

USA Branch Mr. Adam Jason Tonis

Embassy in Japan

The official Website of Embassy in Japan


Embassy in Hong Kong


In the ceremony of Establishment of Manchukuo Embassy in Hong Kong, Chief of Staff, Chief Commander and General of Manchukuo National Mr. Cheung Kin Kwok delivered a Anti-China and Anti-Communist speech.

Italian Branch Lorenzo Virginio Teucci
Political Party Manchukuo Kyowakai
Joined International Organization


Chinese version

Japanese version

Now, you can join the future Race Harmony and Forever Peaceful Immigrant Nation by using 3 minutes to fill up this form.

For a Passport with 16 pages, the application fee is Japanese Yen 1000.

For a ID Card, the application fee is Japanese Yen 900.

The Register mail fee is Japanese Yen 540.

(As the case of missing in the process of delievering the documents, from now on, we will automatically set the delivering method as Registered Mail, the fees are 540 Japanese Yen. The fees for applying the both documents are also 540 Japanese Yen only.

To say thank you to all applicants, we will give 1 set of Mini Manchukuo National Flags and 1 set of Manchukuo National Flag Stickers as presents.)


1. According to the `New bill about the Kanji name of China` in May 14,  2017. It is illegal to call China as `中国`in Chinese band Japanese. The unique name of China in Chinese and Japanese is `支那`. The full name of `Peoples republic of China`is`支那人民共和国`.Please fill in the blank according to the above rule.

2. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Eastern Turkeistan, South Mongol are not a part of China. So, the calling of"Taiwan, China", "Hong Kong, China"etc.are stictly prohibited.

3. Please upload your document photo, if you do not provide, once the passport application is success, we will ask you to provide the document photo. You can provide it by E-mail.

4. The only way of payment is PAYPAL. If you cannot use PAYPAL to pay the bill. Please do not apply.